Interior Design

Over the course of seven decades of service, KBJ has developed a true understanding of the principles and practices that define a successful interior design project. Our highly skilled designers are results oriented and take pride in their directive to listen, to create, and to deliver an appropriate and effective interior environment that exceeds the expectations of our clients.

At KBJ, our interior designers are highly skilled in every aspect of interior design, including but not limited to specification of interior finishes, furnishings, window treatments, lighting, and art. We also understand the absolute necessity for the interior design to complement and coordinate with the architecture. We understand the construction process and the necessity for complete and comprehensive documentation.

Our designers know and understand the codes regulating interior spaces as well as the performance standards and tests for interior finish products. KBJ’s designers have designed custom finishes including carpet, wall covering and upholstery fabrics. We have broad knowledge in the multitudes of available finishes, furnishings, fixtures, and equipment.

Interior Architecture & Design

KBJ pays particular attention to the use of color, materials, light, sound, and to the attention to detail in an interior environment. Just as a structure should complement the surrounding environment, the interior design and finishes must complement the space, complete the established theme, and present the desired message. KBJ’s designers are well versed in all established design styles and in the creation and evolution of styles unique to the client’s needs and directives.

Colors & Materials

Our designers are experts in the play and interplay of colors and materials. Color and materials can make a successful project. KBJ’s designers recognize the power and potential of creating a unique environment designed to interact with people in a pre-determined and prescribed manner.


KBJ appreciates the role lighting plays in the successful achievement of interior design. We understand the importance of effective directional and ambient lighting.


KBJ understands that sound must be manipulated, managed and controlled. Background sound must not be distracting, and its control requires careful attention to mechanical and electrical equipment design. Managed acoustics is attained by attention to the elements of an interior considering sound absorptive surfaces of walls, floors, ceilings and interior elements, as well as sound transmission characteristics.

The sum total of the interior design process is exemplified in the satisfaction of its users and the judgment of the designers’ peers. KBJ was pleased to have received the Florida North ASID First Place Award for Interior Design in 1989.