University of Florida – Recreation & Fitness Center

University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida
Project Size:
Recreation Center: 43,000 sf
Food Center: 15,000 sf
$5.7 million

The Recreation and Fitness Center is located on a relatively small site between the Florida Gym (circa 1974) and the original Gym (circa 1918). The design goal was to create a quality environment to enhance the social aspect of fitness, while maintaining the historic nature.

A major function of the Recreation Center was to connect the pool, the older gyms and the existing recreational resources in a manner that provides security, control, handicapped accessibility and maximize their function within the campus community.  The complex is actually two buildings, each dedicated to a specific purpose. They are connected with arcades on north and south faces and separated by a landscaped open space bisecting the site.

The facility houses aerobic dance studios, classrooms, two squash courts, and a weight training room. Also included were complete food service facilities and a 350-seat dining hall.