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TIMUQUANA COUNTRY CLUB      Jacksonville, Florida
Additions to the Timuquana Country Club, originally built in the 1920's, which total approximately 6,900 square feet include a new 3,000 square foot, state-of-the-art fitness center, a new elevator and handicapped toilet facilities to improve the Club's accessibility for the disabled.

Renovations, which total around 10,000 square feet, include an airy circulation loggia and a new heritage gallery, displaying Timuquana Country Club's rich history along with the many club trophies acquired over

the years. Expansion of the casual dining room , which accommodates the club's growing membership, captures the magnificent views of the downtown Jacksonville skyline across the St. Johns River.

An expanded men's grille, or 19th Hole, as the club's golfing members call it and a renovated poolside grille with toilet facilities completes the project.

Timuquana Country Club
Project Size:
21,000 sf
Completion Date:
$2.4 million

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